Hair Replacement Center at JR Burke Salon

JR Burke Salon Center for Hair Replacement
At your complimentary one hour consultation, which will take place in a private suite, a specialist will assist you in choosing the best solution for your specific needs. We offer many options including hair integrations, extensions, part pieces, top of headpieces, program hair options and full cranial prostheses.

Q What types of prostheses do you offer?

A We have many options including hair integrations, extensions, part pieces, top of headpieces, program hair options and full cranial prostheses. Our large variety of wigs and pieces include synthetic and human hair, European human hair, machine made, and hand tied. We can also custom mold and design a piece built specifically for your head and to your exact specifications.

Q And how do they stay on the head?

A Our systems can be attached in a number of ways. They can be tied into your existing hair, or attached with a bead, medical grade adhesive tapes, medical grade bond, or clips. Full wigs may not need any type of attachment at all to feel secure. Some are designed with a silicone lining that provides the securest fit to your own head.

Q What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?

A SYNTHETIC hair is a man-made fiber. It has a slightly different sheen and feeling as it does not have a naturally textured surface like human hair. Synthetic pieces are usually less expensive than human hair systems and therefore are the best option if you have a limited budget. A synthetic piece is also your best choice if you have limited capabilities to provide the piece with home care and maintenance. Most synthetic systems cannot be styled with heat. A synthetic system will retain its style even after a washing eliminating the need for you to style it yourself. Over time their ability to hold a style will diminish and a professional restyling will be needed. This is recommended every 3-4 months. Synthetic pieces cannot be permed or colored but can be created to match any style or color of your choice.

HUMAN hair systems are the most natural looking pieces as they move like biological hair. They will respond to complete styling changes just as your own hair would and can be colored and permed. Minimal chemical changes are recommended to maintain the integrity and prolong the life of your system. Unlike synthetic systems, human hair systems need to be styled after washing. Human hair systems are usually more costly due to the quality of hair but also usually last longer than a synthetic piece. There are two types of human hair used:

Indian Hair - It has become an industry standard to call this type of hair “Indian” although the hair itself may also come from other origins (China, Philippines, India to name a few). This type of hair is more likely to resemble full-bodied, coarse human hair and retains curls and waves better. This type of hair does undergo more processing to reduce the diameter of each hair as well as to change the color. This process removes some of the cuticle from each hair and can therefore deteriorate some of the integrity of the hair. Lighter hair colors are more greatly affected by this.

European Hair - European hair is very soft and silky. It is regarded as the best hair because it retains it’s strength and texture due to minimal processing. Each hair’s diameter is already small, and so, more color options are available without processing. Because of the feel, condition, and high demand for this high quality product, European hair can be extremely expensive.

Q What is the difference between machine-made and hand tied systems?

A Machine-made systems are usually less expensive and easier to care for. The cap is constructed of elastic wefting or woven material onto which hair is sewn. Machine-made wigs can accommodate people with existing hair as the cap will stretch to fit your head.

Fully hand tied systems are constructed out of a durable, comfortable net base with hand tied knots covering the entire system. The small knots give the illusion of hair growing right out of the scalp giving the most natural appearance.

There is also the third option of a monofilament top. This is a combination of a machine-made back with a fully hand tied top. Thus provides the comfort of the elastic cap and the beauty of a natural, hand tied top.

Q Can I change the style of my system?

A Of course. Human hair wigs and pieces can be colored and permed. As mentioned, minimal chemical changes are best to protect the integrity of your hair system. We also recommend consulting a professional when making any chemical changes to your hair. Basic style changes, such as a new cut or simply trying a side parting are also easily accomplished. Human hair pieces will need to be styled after home washing. Synthetic hair cannot be colored or permed. Curl and color selection is chosen before ordering and will remain as chosen. Style changes, such as a cut or parting change, or curls, are easily achieved. Most synthetic hair cannot handle heat and thus cannot be styled with hot styling tools. Synthetic pieces will need to be restyled in salon but will retain it’s set style after home washing for about 3-4 months (depending on home care).

Q How do I care for my system at home?

A Always follow the recommended care instructions provided. We will show you how to wash, dry, and style your hair as well as recommend products to use before you take it home. Following the recommended guidelines will help maintain the overall appearance and lifespan of your hair.

Q Does a wig require other care?

A Just about all wigs need repairs periodically. As the system ages it will lose hair overtime due to natural pressure (from brushing or combing) as well as hair loss from improper care. These repairs are done in factory and can take up to 12 weeks. Due to this length of time we recommend having a back up hair system to avoid any disruption in your life.

Q How much does this cost?

A Each person's needs and desires are different so our prices vary by individual. The best way to determine a solution and cost is to schedule a complimentary one hour consultation with one of our specialists. During your visit we can decide together what is the best solution for you. All quoted prices include the fitting and first cut and color of your prosthesis (excludes Follea products). A deposit of half will be required at the time of order. The remaining balance will be due upon pick up and a receipt will be given for insurance purposes. Due to health and safety reasons for all of our valued guests, all hair prosthesis purchases are final and not returnable.

Ready made wigs are also available for mail order.

We look forward to providing you with the help and support you need through this difficult experience.

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